Automatic “Safety” Umbrella

This pocket umbrella opens and closes automatically. But it doesn’t spring open unintentionally.

Automatic umbrellas are especially convenient. However, they can often be quite difficult to fold back down. This handy automatic umbrella is completely different. It opens automatically and closes at the press of a button. The best thing: The tension springs in the shaft smoothly lock into place when pushed together. Springs won’t snap back or spring open, as is often the case with other models.
Can even withstand strong gusts of wind.
The 3-sectional Alutec® stick has 8 flexible carbon steel ribs and is lightweight but sturdy nonetheless. The 100% polyester canopy has a DuPont Teflon® coating so water rolls off easily and it won’t soil as quickly.
A 3 feet diameter rain protection with room enough for 2.
With a black Soft Grip handle and reflective wrist strap. Measures 55cm (21 2⁄3") in length when open, and merely 29.5cm (11 2⁄3") when closed. Canopy diam. 98cm (3ft). Weighs approx. 300g (10.6 oz).

Automatic “Safety” Umbrella

Colour: Black


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  • Black

  • Springs won’t snap back or spring open on their own. This pocket umbrella smoothly locks into place.

  • Taupe