Truck Tyre Doormat

You’ll be hard put to find a tougher doormat.

100% impact resistant and weatherproof. Non-slip. Stylish and virtually indestructible.
Until recently it was still doing heavy work on the roads. Now as your stylish doormat it will defy the most severe conditions. These mats are made from used truck tyres and are 100% weatherproof and virtually indestructible. And at a price which makes buying several at a time worthwhile: For the entryway, terrace, outside steps, …
Relentless against mud and dirt – without becoming a “dirt trap” itself.
Unlike coconut and velours mats, the 2cm (3⁄4") thick rubber strips won’t absorb any moisture. They never become musty or slick and don't expand during frost. Dirt doesn’t become engrained; it collects neatly in the gaps and can simply be vacuumed up or swept off.
Coarse pile on top . Non-slip rubber base.
The mat has a milled surface. During this process, the fabric base of the tyres turns into a strong polyamide pile which effortlessly removes even stuck soil from the tread of your shoes. The rubber coating remains untouched underneath: Non-slip even on wet stone floors, tile, wood, and concrete. The stainless steel connectors are partially encased in rubber: Nothing will scratch your valuable floors.
Also beautiful as a mat in the bathroom, the sauna or spa areas.
A recycled product which is attractive and does not burden the environment. Each mat is approx. 2cm (3⁄4") high. The large size measures 90x 60cm (35 2⁄5" x 23 2⁄3") and weighs approx. 8kg (17.6 lbs). The standard size measures 70 x 40cm (27 1⁄2" x 15 7⁄10") and weighs 3.7kg (8.2 lbs).

Truck Tyre Doormat

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  • The mats are also great to use as an impact resistant and non-slip walking path in the garden, by the pool, on stone steps, and your entryway.