Alessi “Kiwi” Watering Can

An Alessi design to water your plants with great precision.

Makes it easy to access hard-to-reach pots and tubs. Easy to fill – and a stylish eye-catcher, too.
Alessi, once the epitome of refined stainless steel design, is now famous for extraordinary objects made from thermoplastic resin. It is a premium synthetic material that is far superior to conventional plastic. It is light, holds its shape and won’t become brittle or porous over time. The matt surface is firm with a subtle beaded structure which is less prone to scratches – plus it looks a lot fancier. Truly astounding how reasonably priced this designer watering can is.
Also comfortable to fill under low taps.
There is no high handle in the way. The depression at the top opening lets the water flow into the watering can like a swirl of water into a jug. Nothing spills over. No puddles are left behind.
With an ergonomically balanced shape.
The long spout allows you to reach even high hanging plants and water them precisely with a gentle stream of water. You no longer need to bend down to water plants on the ground. The slim spout, made from shiny, rustproof 18/10 stainless steel, prevents any dripping.
Far too attractive to stow away.
The designer object hardly requires any space when stored upright on your window ledge.
Measures 42.5 x 20 x 18cm (16 7⁄10" x 8" x 7") (L x D x H). Weighs just approx. 370g (13 oz). Holds up to 2 litres. Design: Donato d’Urbino & Paolo Lomazzi.

Alessi “Kiwi” Watering Can

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  • Hard to believe: The water won’t run out even when stood upright and full: The “stomach” of the watering can is rotund enough to store 2 litres of water.

  • Simply pour water into the depression at the top opening. You don’t need to worry about water spilling out – it automatically flows into the watering can.